Resting Arms

At Resting Arms, we recongnize that addiction
is a serious and overwhelming problem,
leading to debilitating hopelessness.
Abusing substances, like
methamphetamines, heroin,
prescription pills, and alcohol,
has caused many to lose everything
they once loved.

Resting Arms is a Christ-centered,
residential ministry working
with men who are seeking a way out of
their lifestyle of addiction.
We have been successful
applying biblical truth
to the root of addiction,
restoring a life filled with hope.

Resting Arms is now being operated by Calvary Residential Discipleship. 


Resting Arms Ministries
PO Box 525
Island Falls, ME 04747
(207) 991-9555 (Calvary Residential Discipleship Office)

The mission of Resting Arms Ministries is to serve hurting men and women trapped by addiction and/or compulsive behaviors. We provide hope, healing, and freedom in an atmosphere of grace, love and compassion reflective of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.